Board of Directors & officers


  Susan B. Noonan - President
Shannon Culp – VP, Cincinnati

Barbi Crabill- VP, Columbus
Joel D. Pranikoff, M.D. – Immediate Past President

Jackie Patrick - Secretary , Social Media
Alex Sulfsted - Treasurer
Mark Rush - National FBINCAAA Liaison 

Gretchen Hummel
Kip Morse
Kimberly Munafo
Lisa Wilson
Sharlene Boltz

Cheryl Eagleson

Maria McLane


Graduates of the Cincinnati FBI Citizens Academy:

Happy New Year FBI Cincinnati Citizen Academy Graduates!

Another eventful year has passed with many exciting programs and tours in both the Cincinnati and Columbus areas for graduates of the FBI Citizens Academy! We hope those of you who took advantage of your membership in the FBI Citizens Academy Alumni Association, attending the programs and service projects, will renew in 2020.  We also hope to see many new members from every class. Take advantage of the unique opportunity we have all been provided by attending an FBI Citizens’ Academy and help us move into the future with increased membership participation! The FBI appreciates and needs our participation as “Goodwill Ambassadors”.

FBI National CAAA has increased compliance by requiring all chapters to use the same Membership Application forms including signatures agreeing to adhere to several policies. We will be sending these out and request ALL graduates who join FBI CCAAA to please sign and return (scan or mail) even if you have already paid your 2020 dues.

Our new SAC arrives in January and we will schedule the Annual State of the FBI as soon as he provides us dates. It’s an important meeting to attend and rejoin for 2020! All graduates are invited.

We’ve made some great progress in 2019:

  • Committees have been formed to help conduct Alumni Association affairs.
  • You will be able to pay dues with credit cards at programs/tours.
  • You can still pay by PayPal (or credit card) on the website or by mailing a check to the PO Box 15142 in Cincinnati (45215) and PO Box 612 in Columbus (43216).
  • Interested, qualified members may fill out an application to become a Board member.
  • Or -join a committee – sign up in January!

Some facts to remember:

  • All graduates will receive the monthly newsletter.
  • Most communications are sent to all graduates, including program and tour information.
  • If an event/program is for “members only”, you can become a member at that event by paying dues and filling out app. form. 
  • Dues are invoiced each year in December or early January for the following January – December. (We were late this year due to new National compliance requirements)) You can pay anytime during the year to become a member.
  • The Board of Directors elects its officers and recruits interested, qualified Directors from graduates. We have 14 Directors in 2020 as 3 had terms expire and 1 had to resign.

The Board thanks all of you for your continued support and interest in the FBI Citizens Academy Alumni Association. We would not exist if not for the opportunity given to us by the FBI.  Thank you to former Special Agent in Charge Todd Wickerham, Acting SAC Joe Deters and COS Todd Lindgren and Laura Holbrook for supporting the Citizens Academy classes and the Alumni Association. We are one of the best!

In appreciation to you all,

Susan Noonan, President, FBI Cincinnati Citizens Academy Alumni Association





Cincinnati: P.O. Box 15142, Cincinnati, Ohio 45215

Columbus: P.O. Box 612, Columbus, Ohio 43216